About Us

We have started Telbises because we couldn't find authentic futuristic merch. Some brands covered few aspect and left the rest to be discovered.  

That's why we develop a team of authentic Sci-fi fans a.k.a Brand Ambassadors and came up with idea to develop our own merchandise that resonates with the fans.

Along the way, we have developed authentic relationship with our passionate customers who love our designs. We have sold hundreds of merch on various platform and finally developed our online brand. 

We want to be a go to marketplace for authentic Sci-fi merch that support local business. We believe in authenticity and quality of products that we produce so our loyal fans enjoy premium experience. 

We support education in underprivileged parts of the world and your help will drive our mission to educate those kids. A percentage of our profits goes to NGOs who are working on the mission to educate children and close digital divide.